external image PEIPn.jpg J for Jackrabbit

* Jackrabbits are actually hares, not rabbits

* They are capable of reaching a speed of 40 miles per hour

* Black-tailed jackrabbits are common in American deserts, scrub lands, and other open spaces

* White-tailed jackrabbit frequent North America's plains and farmlands

* Cinnamon colored body with black specks, a white belly, black tipped tail and white sides

* Can consume over a pound of grasses, shrubs, or bark each day

external image map-jackrabbit.gif *Antelope Jackrabbit lives on the grassy hills and plains of the southwestern U.S mainly in Arizona

* The antelope jackrabbit eats fresh grasses, cacti and rarely drink any water

* To the left is a jackrabbit range map

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<-- Thumper from Bambi is a Jackrabbit!

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White-tailed pic
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