Is For Eagleexternal image gex-bald-eagle.jpgThe Eagle is a large bird of prey that is native to to all continents with the exception of Antarctica. There are also over 60 species of eagles worldwide such as the Golden Eagle,the Black Eagle, and most famous of all the Bald Eagle.
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Eagles are carnivorous who mainly prey on smallerexternal image 3525135-lg.jpg
birds, fish, rodents, rabbets, turtles and snakes. Eagles
also live in nests with there young, who stay there until they are
able to fly.

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Eagles are also widely known as a symbol of courage and national Pride. external image US-GreatSeal-eagle.svg.png
The Bald Eagle has been the national Bird for Centuries and is featured on
the great seal of the united states. The United States is not the only
country that is associated withe the Eagle, the Eagle is featured in over
15 Country's Seals and is noted for its role in the founding of Mexico
as well as a symbol of the roman Empire.

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E is For ElephantBy Nathan
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