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is for Chipmunks!!!

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Chipmunks are tiny, chubby cheeked squirrel like animals. They eat grain, nuts, fruit, berries, insects and other foods too. There are more than 25 species of this type of animal.external image medium.jpg
When Chipmunks create their houses they make sure to keep them nice and clean. They have different tunnels called refusal tunnels where they put the shells from their food. There are always many entrances to their houses. Their houses are called burrows.

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Some breeds of Chipmunk have babies twice a year, in early spring and then again in early summer. Other breeds have babies only once a year, but all of them kick out their kids after about 6 weeks.

Chipmunks are very cute but be careful around them because they can be a little vicious toward people.

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Chipmunk Eating a Nut

Chipmunk Burrow
Baby Chipmunk
Chipmunk Eating a Berry
Alvin and the Chipmunks
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