A Is for Arctic Fox

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Where do they live?
The arctic fox is a mammal that lives in the the most northern parts, or arctic regions, of North America, Europe, and Asia.
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What do they Eat?Arctic Foxes are omnivores. mainly eat small rodents, arctic hares,
birds and their eggs. They also eat seal pups in the spring.

What do they look like? Picture_3.png
Arctic foxes range from 46 to 68 cm long
their fur coat can be blue-gray or white and
changes to brown as it gets warmer.
Arctic fox's coats change color with the seasons to allow them to blend in with their surroundings.
Their thick furry coat allow them to survive in -58 degrees.

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The YoungOn average and arctic fox has a liter of 11 pups.
A baby fox are born in burrows or den in spring and is only the size of a kitten.
Both parents care for the pups and then when the pups are old enough, the whole family travels together.

B- Bear