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Alpacas are very similar to llamas and related to camelsAlpacas Wool is often used to make clothing
Adults usually weigh between 125-200 pounds

Alpacas come in 16 different colors ranging from white to brown to black

Where are alpacas from?

Alpacas live in regions of the Andes Mountains of South America. They can be found in the mountains of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chili.
What do they eat?Alpacas are herbivores which means that they only hay, grass, and other plants found in the area.
Interesting facts:

There are two different types of Alpacas, suri and huacaya.
Suri fleece hangs straight like a pencil and huacaya fleece is thicker like sheeps.
About 90% of all alpacas in the world are huacaya and only 10% suri.
Huacaya Alpaca
Suri Alpaca

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